Hey there! We’re Alexis Kaple and Allie Beebe and together, we make up the real estate team Kaple & Co. at Coldwell Banker King Thompson. What started as a Realtor and client relationship quickly turned into a friendship which eventually brought us to where we are today as teammates. Our mission as Realtors is to make the home buying and selling process quick, smooth, and enjoyable so that you can focus more on your next adventure and less about the boring fine details. We pride ourselves on being friendly and kind but also driven and committed. We go all in for our clients and your 100% satisfaction is our goal. If you have any questions about buying or selling, send us a message.

Meet Lex…

Family: Ava (11), Jace (8) | Grady (dog) & Rudy (cat)
Neighborhood: Westerville
Church: Oasis City Church
Favorite Activity: Playing Volleyball and DIY Projects
Favorite Restaurant: Northstar Cafe
Design Style: Transitional

Meet Allie…

Family: Alex (husband) | Lele (dog)
Neighborhood: Hilliard
Church: Rock City Church
Favorite Activity: Running Half Marathons across the United States
Favorite Restaurant: Lindey’s
Design Style: Modern Farmhouse