Hello & Welcome!

Hi Friends!

Allie & Lex here and we would love to say hello and welcome to the brand new Kaple & Co. website. After attending the Rachel Hollis RISE BUSINESS conference a couple months ago, we knew that launching a website was something that we needed to do for our business. We have content that we want to put out into the world to better serve you and this platform will be the place that we can host it all.

This is only a small start to what we hope will be a robust and beneficial website for our visitors. We’re venturing into the world of website development ourselves (you know, on top of staging listings, showing homes, negotiating contracts, aka our day job) so we ask for some grace if the website isn’t perfect right away.

Anyways, take a look around the site and check back often for helpful and entertaining content about everything related to Kaple & Co.

Allie & Lex
Kaple & Co. Real Estate Team